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CARAVAN Magazine User Review....8.10.16

I don't think I was supposed to review the fat absorbers you sent me but I thought they were so genius I decided I would write a quick review.
Who doesn't love to wake up in the caravan and cook a good old English breakfast. The trouble is the fat is not good for us or the environment so these FAB  fat absorbers are genius.
You can pop them in the pan whilst the food is cooking so you eat less fat or you can use them to absorb all the fat left in the pan after cooking, it can then be safely put into your rubbish bin with no mess and no harm to the drain.
They are also brilliant at stopping the fat splashes  during cooking keeping the cooker clean.
My verdict is FAB fat absorbers are an excellent product anytime but especially for caravans and camping.
I have attached two photos one of the packaging, the other of a pan of sausages I was frying as you will see there  is a fair bit of fat in the pan within minutes the fat had gone when I dropped in the absorber.

Kind Regards
Anne Cooper 

We tried them and found they do exactly what it says on the bag.

                                                                                                  CARAVAN Magazine. OCT 16.