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A FABulous NEW way  

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FAB is a one-use product designed to be added to thecooking pan at thestart, middle or towards the end of the cooking. FAB takes away 1gm of fat = 9 calories.

My verdict.... these FAB  fat absorbers are genius. User Ann Cooper.  See Press

Soak up the Fat & Calories.

In 500 street interviews 88% would BUY FAB   

"Fat in a hot pan...tricky problem? That's where FAB comes in.. these   compact fat absorbers soak up the cooking fat in seconds. We tried         them and found they do exactly what is says on the bag."......                                                                                                                  CARAVAN Mag Oct 16. 

Good for you

    good for

to rid food of FAT!  

the planet !

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                                                  FAB is a new kitchen product 

                                                 designed to improve health and

                                     aid the environment.  A simple solution

               to rid your food and kitchen sink of excess fat, oil and

        grease by  absorbing the fat.FAB is made ofnatural fibres

with UK Food Hygiene and US FDA standard.During 500 Street Interviews, 88.2% of those questioned would BUY FAB.  Even vegetarians said they would "recommend FAB"  to their meat eating friends!From luxury cooking to campsites and boats FAB is kind to YOU and kind to your ENVIRONMENT reducing oil, grease and kitchen smog directing the waste into the bin not down the kitchen sink helping to clean up the PLANET.

 PRICE SLASH from         £2.99 to.....£1.99