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FAB Certification.

In 500 street interviews 88% would BUY FAB   

What will FAB do for me?

FAB will reduce the fat you consume by absorbing the fat from off the food and out of the pan and not allowing the meat to reabsorb it’s own fat. FAB will also improve health by reducing the calories you consume by reducing your fat intake as 1 gram of FAT = 9 CALORIES.

What is FAB made of?

FAB is made of a food grade muslin sleeve with a special compacted FDA approved cotton core. The tie is made of natural bamboo string specially conditioned with heat to prevent leaching.

How does FAB help the environment?

FAB will help clean up the environment by reducing the amount of fat, oil and grease blocking domestic drains and water courses enabling water treatment to be safer, cheaper and cleaner.

How Green is FAB?

FAB is made of completely natural materials and biodegradable. At this moment in time the materials are not organic as we have yet to find organic material with food grade certification. We hope in the future to be able to do so and produce.  FABs are made of organic fair-trade cotton.

Does FAB remove all the fat?

FAB works by the amount of time you leave in the cooking and how many Fabs you use. So FAB reduces the fat rather than removes all of the fat.

How do you dispose of FAB?

FAB goes straight into the bin and is disposed of in the normal way of household waste. We hope that in the future it will go to biomass burners as they make excellent fire lighters.

How safe is FAB?

Does FAB burn?

FAB is essentially a cotton product so will burn but any food FAB is being cooked with will have burnt to an inedible condition long before FAB is damaged. FAB should not come into direct contact with a naked flame and removed from a pan before igniting any spirit in the pan (flambéing).

Can you eat FAB?

No. You should never try and eat FAB. Nor should pets be allowed to eat FAB as chocking would take place.Type your paragraph here.

Hygiene is incredibly important to us at FABinthepan.  Your safety and what is beneficial to you as cooks and the people you are cooking for is our first priority.  Our own common sense and the expert advice of food production technologists set a high safety standard backed up by hygiene certification (see bottom of page) and regular inspection.  No attempt should made to eat FAB or to feed to pets. Once used please put it in a bin. 

If you have any tips, questions or comments  please feel free to contact me at john@fabinthepan.com